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    Year 4 Jupiter

    Pollyanna Pickering

    Pollyanna Pickering is widely recognised as Europe's foremost wildlife artist, and is the most published fine artist working in Britain today.

    She was born in Yorkshire and has gone on many expeditions around the world to study animals in their natural habitats.

    Pollyanna is passionate about wildlife. She is a champion of enviro-conservation and the welfare of endangered, sick and vulnerable creatures.

    She has illustrated the Born Free Foundation's book Wildness, a book of poetry by Richard Bonfield.

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    Year 4 Mercury

    Angela Chidgey

    Angela Chidgey is a painter who for the last fifteen years has lived near Siena in Italy and has now returned to England to live in Dorset but her passion for colour, elephants and now trees is undimmed.

    She has illustrated two books, designed wine list covers, tapestries and fabric.

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    Year 4 Neptune

    Rodrigo McCoubrey

    Born 1954

    A self-proclaimed enviro-folk artist, McCoubrey takes the negative aspects of waste and reinvents it as fun, positive art pieces.

    "The nature of my work is "FUN". The materials I incorporate in my pieces are primarily recycled and found objects. My resources remain readily available, from dumpster's to roadsides, empty lots to my most favorite of all, Baja California dumpsites (every town has at least one!). The direction of my work depends upon life's inspirations and those emotions that dwell within me, ever changing and constantly evolving."

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    Year 4 Saturn

    Andy Goldsworthy

    Born 1956

    Andy Goldsworthy OBE is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist who collaborates with nature to make his creations.

    He generally works with whatever comes to hand: twigs, leaves, stones, snow and ice, reeds and thorns. He creates his artwork in natural settings and photographs each piece right after he makes it. He lives and works in Scotland.

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