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    Year 5 Amazon

    Anthony Kurtz

    1979 - present day

    Born in California, raised in Switzerland, Anthony discovered his love for photography while working on his bachelor of fine arts at the Academy of Art University. This marked the beginning of his photographic journey. Anthony specializes in environmental portraiture and creates timeless photographs of people and the spaces they occupy. His cinematic and painterly style seamlessly transitions between documentary and conceptual, capturing the world as it presents itself as well as creating new worlds entirely.

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    Year 5 Nile

    Bridget Riley

    1931 - present day

    Bridget Riley is an English painter who is one of the foremost exponents of Op art.

    Around 1960 she began to develop her signature Op Art style consisting of black and white geometric patterns that explore the dynamism of sight and produce a disorienting effect on the eye and produces movement and colour.

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    Year 5 Thames

    Olivier Leger

    Present day

    Olivier Leger creates surreal imaginative drawings exploring ecology, biology and nature.

    "This planet is home to a wonderful variety of living organisms that are each individual in their biology and behaviour. They form large webs of connections amongst one another in ecosystems that are vast and complex. From whale migrations that encompass the entire globe, to ants that scurry along the forest floor. We are all witness to the beauty of life on Earth."

    Leger kindly responded to Mrs Robert's email and to their amazement, he sent Thames class a huge print of his La Baleine (a sperm whale) for them to investigate and use as inspiration for their own work - they had to use a magnifying glass to study all the intricate detail. He set them the difficult task of finding a message in a bottle and a scuba diver within the drawing - it took them ages!

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